Black YouTubers To Watch Out For In The UK: Top 7

Happy Black History Month guys! I'm so excited to be sharing with you this week my list of black YouTubers to watch out for in the UK for 2020. This year has had its hurdles from the very start, but having quality content to lift our spirits has helped ease the journey a bit more. Here are some I'd recommend you check out:

1. Jordanah Meshe

Jordanah kinda reminds me of when I was at uni. She's confident and independent and her storytime videos are HILARIOUS guys! I literally laugh out loud to them because I can imagine them happening when she shares the story. She's deffo worth checking out!

2. Lydia Dinga

I love the travel and lifestyle content on Lydia's channel! The way she films her travel videos is so inspiring and it makes me want to go out and travel right there and then when watching. It also makes me feel like I'm there with her in her videos. Lydia is also very transparent with her everyday lifestyle vlogs and recommendations.

3. Layo's Choice

Layo's lit personality shines through her YouTube channel, Layo's Choice. She does a range of diverse content, from game nights to story times; and they're all so entertaining. It's just good vibes all around, really.

 4. ItsFareedah

You know the vibes already! My sis, Fareedah, recently made a channel and she's been doing so well! She does different types of videos, from sharing her hair tips to chit chat videos, she puts out a variety of content and I'm excited to continue seeing her grow!

5. Zoe LDN

I really like Zoe LDN's content because it reminds me of when I'm chilling with my friends and we're having banter. She has an eyelash business too, so she gives me boss girl vibes. But she also knows how to have fun. I love boss girls who are striving to do their own thing and that's the vibes I get when watching her videos.

6. ItsTariela

I like to mix up the type of content I watch sometimes, and ItsTarelia is perfect for this. She posts educating content on life advice. By speaking about topics like forgiveness and purpose, Tarelia encourages you to evaluate life decisions to help you grow more as a person.

7. Ali & Ari

These two friends are so cute. They remind me of me and my best friend when we were younger. They just started recently too and it's just pure bants on their channel. Deffo worth watching if you're in need of a laugh.

And that's my top 7 black YouTuber's to watch out for this year, guys! I hope you enjoy watching them as much as I do. If you have any other recommended black YouTubers in the UK to watch, please feel free to comment below.

Also, if you're looking for tips on how to start and grow a YouTube channel, check out this blog post I wrote.



  • Your biggest stan babes. Love the blog keep em coming 🤍

    Rahel Melaku
  • I’ve been needing to find some new youtubers, deffo going to check these out x

  • YT: Jheniece
    Highly recommend!😊

  • Thank you so much Adeola, I loved reading thisss❤️🙏🏾😘

    Jordanah Meshe

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