Gift Unwrapping For My 26th Birthday

Hey Guys! So it's been a hectic few weeks prepping for and celebrating my birthday, but I'm back and I'm better! I'm so grateful to be blessed with 26 years of life. Some of you kindly gifted me with some items for my birthday and in this gift unwrapping blog post, I'll be sharing what I got with you! I'm even more excited to share them as some are black-owned businesses; which is great for Black history month!

So, without further ado, here are 5 small businesses who sent me presents for my birthday:

1. Gift Unwrapping: Murscents

gift unwrapping murscents

Murscents is a luxury incense brand that sent me an oud burner which smells really nice guys! You put the oud in the murscents burner and the scent comes smoking out. Not only does it smell great, but I also love the way it looks. I'm so pleased to have it as an ornament in my apartment now!

2. JOAS Accessories

JOAS Accessories
JOAS Accessories

You guys may be able to tell that lately, I've been getting into wearing jewelry more. So I was soo gassed when I received this glamorous headband from JOAS Accessories! I've been wanting one like this for a while now.

They also sent me some small earring hoops and a gold necklace too, which I'm also super happy about. It made me feel like a princess with a crown!

3. Gift Unwrapping: Dreams & Purpose

                   Dreams and purpose

 I loved everything about Dreams & Purposes' gifts for me. From the black girl characters on the designs to the practical side of their stationary, it was exactly what I needed!

They gave me a checklist and two notebooks. The black characters and afro designs on the items, made me connect with the gifts from the second I unwrapped them. At the bottom of the checklist, there is a sweet note that reads, ''a beautiful mindest begins with a beautiful mindset''.

4. GetGlosst


gift unwrapping get glosst

Getglosst really was the final touch for my birthday gift look. It had me looking ready to get lippsed up 😘 😜. I was sent two of Getglosst's lip glosses. One was The Perfect Fit, which is a clear vanilla-scent, and the other was Berried In Pink, which is strawberry-vanilla scented. Berried In Pink also leaves a sheer pink tint when applied.

Both of them smell absolutely divine! And guys, all of their glosses are vegan and animal cruelty-free!

5. Gift Unwrapping: The CLVTCH CLUB

        Gift unwrapping: Clvtch clubclvtch club

I adore the warm autumn colour of the cute clutch bag that CLVTCH CLUB sent me. And guys, it even comes with a gold-handled chain option too, as well as a leather-style strap.

All of these gifts had me looking bad and bougie! Even though I opened them after my birthday, it had me feeling like it was my birthday all over again!

So, thank you again to these 5 businesses who sent me these wonderful gifts. Guys, if you haven't already, you should really check out these businesses. They are really special.

Also, keep an eye out for some new merch that I will be releasing soon on my store; you know the vibes already!


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  • You inspire mee soo much and I hope your Birthday was good. BTW I have the same sign as you :)

    Sabrina Ngabonziza

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