Hello and welcome to my world! My name is Adeola Patronne and I'm a 25 year old content creator from Kent. I’m also a Libra. Just thought I’d slip that in there too 😉.

I started my YouTube journey through sharing girl advice, beauty tips and filming lifestyle vlogs. It’s so important for me to remain authentic across all of my social platforms. I want my followers to understand that no matter how much of a following I have, I’m still very much a regular girl that battles with things like skin issues and insecurities in everyday life too. I make an effort to keep this transparent with my audience, so they feel they can relate more to me too.

As well as sharing beauty tips on my platform, I also want it to be a safe space for my followers to escape to when they want to have a cheeky laugh, here and there. Laughter is medicine and I want you to bask in this when you watch my content. 

I’ve been blessed enough to gain over 236,000 followers across all my social media platforms. My aim is to keep growing and connecting with people organically, by bringing the vibes. This is a standard procedure. Never expect anything less! It's also how I coined my favourite saying ‘you know the vibes already'.

As well as being a content creator, I also have a store for my merchandise! You can check it out here! I also have a blog, where I write about things that may not always get posted on my YouTube channel. Resturaunt reviews, new purchases with links, shopping sales and more, are things you can expect from my blog.

 Thanks so much for visiting my site and I hope you enjoy looking around. To connect with me more, you can follow me on:

Youtube - www.youtube.com/adeolapatronne
Instagram - www.instagram.com/adeolapatronne